Doing so deletes all your custom-configured options and lets you set up your PC from scratch. If your Windows computer is stuck on the “Diagnosing Your PC” screen, turn it off three times in a row and then rerun Automatic repair. If the problem persists, enter Advanced troubleshooting, and uninstall the problematic update. As a last resort, reinstall the OS using an external bootable USB recovery drive.

  • An error is when the message received at the receiver end is not interchangeable with the message sent.
  • The information available on the website is only for informational use of the visitors.
  • Add-ins are a pretty frequent culprit for Outlook lagging issues because they are meant to provide additional functionality, but they put additional pressure on loading time.

You may need to scroll down the list to see the entry. Click the “Uninstall/Change” button to launch the Windows Essentials 2012 setup application. This section explains how to fix Windows Live Mail errors. The most common errors, including solutions, were described. In Windows Live Mail, moving and deleting are related. Deleting will simply move your mail to the deleted folder.

It has a lot of tools in addition to registry cleaner. To wrap up the installation process, you need to clear out the old junk data left over from your corrupted version of Windows 7 rocketdrivers.com/errors-directory/41467. Windows will store this data in two system folders, labeled $INPLACE.~TR and $WINDOWS.~Q. If everything is working properly, you can delete these two folders, along with some other archived data. Follow the steps we outlined earlier to perform a disk cleanup, select Clean up system files, delete the two folders, and you’re done.

When It Happens on Your Device

Using the Windows Registry Editor to check on the AppData folder. Outlook Solutions CoveredHow to access Hotmail, MSN, and Windows Live on your web browser, Outlook, and iPhone. Select the corrupted PST file you’d like to run repairs on. Search “ScanPST” in the right-hand search bar. One thing that filters are good at is to enable unified inbox ability in outlook that is unfortunately not built in by default. Look at the User Identification section and check whether “Always prompt for logon credentials” is selected.

Most of these tools can very quickly identify the hard drive’s current health or other problems. Running the System Restore tool will restore your Windows operating system files, settings, and applications to an earlier state. This may fix system corruption problems if the operating system wasn’t also damaged at the earlier point when the restore point was created.

Fix 4: Test in another user account

Through his content he intends to help users stay updated on latest tech-news and resolve their tech-related queries. He has published numerous blogs on technical how to’s, reviews, listicles and several other aspects across Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. He also likes researching, exploring and blogging about developments pertaining to cybersecurity. Once the scanning process is complete, the software will initiate the defragmentation process in case you have put a checkmark on the Direct Defrag checkbox. Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool is often a requirement before running System File Checker. DISM will use Windows Update to provide any files that are needed to fix corruption. If you skip this step, System File Checker might not work.